What makes Anka special

Unlike existing macOS virtualization solutions, Anka uses the native macOS hypervisor.framework and as a result is able to leverage the macOS resource management features for Anka VMs.

What makes Anka different?

Unlike existing macOS virtualization solutions, Anka lets the macOS operationg system manage virtual machines in the same manner as other native macOS applications. Anka virtualization uses macOS native Hypervisor features. As a result, it can run on any mac heardware, including the ones with T2 security chip.

Combined with the powerful anka CLI, Anka makes creating and running macOS VMs extremely automated, fast and reliable. Using anka, Controller & Registry you can execute simple workflows to quickly build macOS virtual machines and deploy them to your developers, or CI with ease.

anka allows for other advantages as well, such as INSTANT START, to make multiple virtual machines extremely fast and responsive to your needs. Anka Registry lets you tag and version control your VMs, and is built specifically with DevOps workflows in mind. Lastly, Anka is the ONLY virtualization solution geared specifically towards making macOS and iOS CI workflows easy to manage. anka allows you to use real iOS devices for testing workflows while connected to your Apple hardware. Anka provides commands to easily manage the devices, check them out, or move them between test environments.

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