Anka Build Cloud

How to use Anka Build Cloud.


Overview of Anka Build Cloud.


Anka Build Cloud setup instructions.

Anka Logs

Working with Anka logs


Location of binaries, logs and configuration files.

Working with the Registry

How to work with the Anka Registry.

Working with the Controller

How to work with the Anka Controller.

Controller API

How to work with the Anka Controller REST API.

Configuring Certificate based authentication

How to set up certificate based authentication.

Advanced Security features

How to set up Authorization and SSO.

CI Plugins

Anka Build Cloud Plugins for CI systems.

Configuration Reference

Anka Build Cloud configuration options.

Using real devices attached to Anka VMs for CI

How to work with real devices.


Troubleshooting guidelines for Anka Build Cloud.

License tiers

Anka Build Cloud license tiers.

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